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The night before exams, you are cramming for the final test. You find yourself slowly drifting off as the shapes on your textbook seemingly come alive...


WASD to move

Left Mouse click to fire

Space to jump

Shoot the enemies to increase your score but watch the timer because once the clock runs out you'll wake up! Enemies also drop ammo after they die and will take time off the clock if they hit you.


Art by Russell https://ru55ell.artstation.com/

Audio and Music by Alex Meade https://www.alexmeademusic.com/

Co-Programmer: Daniel Nimitz https://daniel-nimitz.itch.io/

Me (Torsten Maier)

Ink Phantom Studio (Polylised - Medieval Desert City)

Dungeon Mason (Mini Legion Lich PBR HP Polyart)

Sounds Used: battlestar10, GoodSoundForYou, luminalace, RA The Sun God, Mike Koenig


Exe Build.zip 48 MB

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